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The Life Path number is calculated from your birth date. It's like the sun sign in astrology. In numerology we work with the numbers And then there are.

March 2 zodiac people are quite adventurous when it comes to matters of the heart. You love the challenge of pursuing and winning the hearts of new lovers. However, you do not like commitments. You like to avoid attachments as much as possible. This means that you do not keep anyone partner for long. You get bored easily, and you express the need to move on. With this kind of a lifestyle, you will have many partners in your lifetime. People find you to be attractive and charming. You act as a magnet for many potential partners.

As such, you will fall in love from a young age.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

However, your love is fleeting. You fall in and out of love with an uncommon regularity. This kind of lifestyle has its downside. You run the risk of either breaking the heart of a partner or being heartbroken yourself.

March 2 Zodiac

Take the measures necessary to avert such an eventuality. You feel most comfortable with lovers who mirror your qualities. Your ideal partner is charming, attractive, passionate, and romantic. You can get these traits among the natives of Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer. You have a lot in common with people born under these zodiacs. As such, you can form stable, fulfilling relationships with them. A word of caution, though! The planetary alignments indicate that you are least compatible with people born under the Aquarius zodiac. According to the charts, you do not share any qualities of significance with them.

This means that a relationship with an Aquarius is not in the best of your interest. We strongly advise against being entangled with them. March 2 zodiac people have many strong qualities to show for their existence.

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True to the spirit of Pisces, you are perceptive, charitable, and creative. Also, you appreciate beauty. This is one reason why people find you to be so artistic. You dislike people who exhibit selfish motives. Instead, you prefer to consult with those who are innovative. In addition, you like those who possess the gift for humanitarian activities. You often turn to your creativity and artsy enterprises to contribute to the cause of humanity.

Your visionary, clear-cut path in life is to help other people overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Although you hold deep utopian ideals, you are wise enough to know how to create a balance in your life. As such, you are able to accept the diversity of people. You come across as someone who is truly appreciative of human nature. Nonetheless, you have a few cracks in your personality. You need to work on these areas with urgency, lest they stifle your progress. For example, you concentrate too much on the gloomy aspects of any undertaking. Leo is represented by the lion and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle.

Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. Libra is an air sign represented by the scales interestingly, the only inanimate object of the zodiac , an association that reflects Libra's fixation on balance and harmony. Libra is obsessed with symmetry and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life. Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac.

Because of its incredible passion and power, Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign. In fact, Scorpio is a water sign that derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm. Represented by the archer, Sagittarians are always on a quest for knowledge. The last fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius launches its many pursuits like blazing arrows, chasing after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures.

The last earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is represented by the sea goat, a mythological creature with the body of a goat and tail of a fish. Accordingly, Capricorns are skilled at navigating both the material and emotional realms.

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Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Accordingly, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign. Pisces, a water sign, is the last constellation of the zodiac. It's symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the constant division of Pisces's attention between fantasy and reality. As the final sign, Pisces has absorbed every lesson — the joys and the pain, the hopes and the fears — learned by all of the other signs.

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It makes sense: Jupiter rules expansion and abundance while cautious Capricorn sets up boundaries and limits. But once they settle their fundamental differences, these two forces can work well together, helping you take calculated risks and aim your ambitious arrows at achievable targets. This could be a majorly nostalgic day as powerful feelings surge up out of the blue. With these two liberated planets intersecting, you might suddenly break free from limiting beliefs that stem back to childhood or ancestral patterns. If there was ever a day to slip under the metaphorical mistletoe, this is it.

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Dress up, throw your own holiday cocktail bash, shop for a lavish gift. This full moon could bring a romantic awakening or an attraction that blossoms into a real-deal affair. Got a talent to share? These fame-fueled moonbeams could bring buzzworthy attention to your creativity or performing talents.

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One of your original ideas could go viral. The next day December 13 , motivator Mars and magnetic Neptune hook up in the most financially savvy and ambitious zones of your chart. Add a swirl of Neptunian glamour to the goal-focused drive of Mars, and your powers of persuasion will be irresistible. With enchanting Neptune in your luxe second house, this is the perfect moment for an early gift exchange. Then get ready to slip into a sensual and restorative groove.

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Keep the gatherings small and intimate—and carve out time for solitude. You could tumble down a deep rabbit hole of studying, tuning in to higher wisdom through meditation or developing an artistic talent. On Christmas Day, the moon is hanging out in Sagittarius, sparking your social side. Talk about symbolic!