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The Life Path number is calculated from your birth date. It's like the sun sign in astrology. In numerology we work with the numbers And then there are.

They are sentimental and warm.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

The placement of the moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their own interests. When the moon is in Taurus, it is easy to sink into the moment, be in the body, and enjoy the delights of the five senses.

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This elemental earth sign brings out your capacity to revel in earthly life. Enjoying a languid intimacy in a cozy atmosphere sounds like the perfect day. Taurus is the slow mover of the zodiac, meaning that everything is savored thoroughly. That might mean if the moon is in Taurus for you , that you get deep pleasure out of dancing and really feeling the groove of the music.

Taurus (astrology) - Wikipedia

Its general quality is a fixed sign, which means it inspires you to go into something fully, to flesh it out. The Taurus energy helps you discover your natural talent. You might find it easy to practice your craft or hobby.

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  8. You can get in the zone of work, and take pleasure in making real progress. You are probably excellent at working in a studio or playing a musical instrument. If you were born under a Taurean moon, then you might relish some of the following activities: Giving and getting massages; baking and cooking; singing or dancing; gardening; building structures; considering steps of a plan, experimenting with home aromatherapy, stretching especially the neck , trying new food, fruits, concoctions, cocktails and dishes; making pottery or sculpture; and sound therapy.

    Most are more concerned with achieving success in their personal life than their professional life. They have a great deal of creative talent, though this may require some coaxing. A Taurus woman is stylish, well-groomed, and socially involved.

    Taurus traits and personality explained

    Whether she turns her energies to domestic or professional aims, she is certain to give it all that she has. Taurus women are stubborn, practical, and budget-minded.

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    They have the ability to balance family and career life without losing their emotional equilibrium. These women have their feet planted firmly on the ground. A Taurus child can be sugar and spice one moment, then walking thunderclouds the next. They are generally obedient, but they may become belligerent in adolescence if the rules made by their parents are too restrictive.

    Many Taurean children show a marked artistic talent at an early age. They have great color sense and are drawn to beautiful things.

    go site A Taurus lover is passionate a individual who prefers marriage or long-term relationships to the dating scene. The Taurean lover is persistent, consistent, and always eager to please his or her partner.

    Taurus Sign Traits Overview

    They never forget a birthday, anniversary, or other romantic occasion. The one drawback to their approach is inflexibility.

    Taurus - All About Taurus.

    An adventuresome person who enjoys a lot of experimentation and diversity may grow weary of the Taurean lover's practical approach. A Taurus friend is exceptionally steadfast and loyal. They treat their friends with the kind of respect and affection that most people reserve for family members or lovers.