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The piece claimed that unprotected sex with an HIV-positive man did not put women at risk of infection and went on to state that "most heterosexuals are not at risk" and that it was impossible to transmit HIV in the missionary position. While considered a magazine for adult women, Cosmopolitan has been accused of subtly targeting children.

Victoria Hearst, a granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst founder of Cosmopolitan' s parent company and sister of Patty Hearst , has lent her support to a campaign which seeks to classify Cosmopolitan as harmful under the guidelines of "Material Harmful to Minors" laws. Hearst, the founder of an evangelical Colorado church called Praise Him Ministries, [70] states that "the magazine promotes a lifestyle that can be dangerous to women's emotional and physical well being. It should never be sold to anyone under 18".


Cosmopolitan was criticized by Katie Yoder of the Campaign Life Coalition for its September decision to exclude pro-life candidates in its endorsements, stating "Yes, Cosmo deeply cares about 'all young women. In , Walmart announced to remove Cosmopolitan magazine from checkout lines after the news released by National Center on sexual exploitation labeling the magazine as "sexually explicit material".

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cosmopolitan May cover featuring Katrina Kaif. November issue of Cosmopolitan , cover by Harrison Fisher.

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Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography. Postscript—The Election of ".

Legislative Graft and the Albany Scandal". Graft as an Expert Trade in Pittsburg". Hello friend, our site has moved to a new address. He didn't, but, as i know he's really busy at work, i didn't get worried. Just avoid the eclipse period on the 12th, 13th, 14th september as you will find the full picture is obscured. Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today. I see you! One time, deputy editor Rosa Heyman—see next page for a breakdown of the whole Cosmo team—saw me without it and asked if I was okay.

Also, my brilliant assistant, Sam! She is a lifesaver. Have done it for years. Hey: Virgo. Control freak.

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Founding editor Helen Gurley Brown was so intimidated by the job that she hid under her desk on her first day. I get it!! In , supermodel Jerry Hall was featured on the cover in a floral Hula-Hoop—with a very visible nip slip!

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Former EIC Joanna Coles used to have an office gong that she would ring whenever there was something to celebrate. Our legendary copy chief, Ann Wright, has worked here since the year before I was born!